“I was lucky enough to have a private yoga class with Cindy. If I lived near her I would do this every week. She tailored the class to address my skill level and the areas of my body that I wanted to focus on. I am new to yoga and often when I take a class I spend most of the class unsure if I am doing the poses correctly. Cindy would make corrections when necessary and explain the pose, with tips on how to visualize it, such that I hear her voice in my head telling me the tip when I am doing the pose at home! She had me do several poses that opened up my hips, giving me great adjustments. I left the class feeling like I did yoga, had a massage and a meditation class at the same time – it was that relaxing, challenging and spiritually grounding. Cindy is warm, encouraging and super knowledgeable. I can’t recommend her enough!” -Heather

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I took a private class with Cindy for the first time a few weeks ago.  She immediately got my attention and respect, which happens only when a class is special.  Cindy is a natural teacher and healer.  She intuitively knows when to encourage you that little bit more, but also understands that alignment and breath are key while practicing some of the more difficult sequencing that she adopts in her classes.  Cindy also has a magical way of bringing all the elements of yoga together, so that while you are in a pose you can also be learning the philosophical wisdom and physical benefits of your practice.  She is a unique teacher and person and this is reflected in her approach to her students.  I guarantee you will leave Cindy’s class feeling inspired and wanting more.”  – Helen

“Cindy is a wonderful instructor and guide. I have taken multiple classes with her, a few times privately, and a couple times with small groups of students of different experience levels. She is very confident with herself and is great at connecting with her yogis. After a session with her I feel relaxed and rejuvenated. She easily adapts her flows to work with anyone – from beginners to more experienced. I look forward to taking more of her classes in the future!” – Ashley

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